The O’Keefe Group Launches New Safety App

12th July 2018

The O’Keefe Group are today announcing the launch of their new Hazard Observation app.  The app is a complete safety solution, increasing our capability to prevent workplace incidents by offering a simple, clearer and quicker solution for reporting on hazards. 

The new app captures all data surrounding a potential incident in a time efficient and cost-effective manner.  Simon Newbold from the O’Keefe Group said: “This is a brilliant innovation and a simple yet important app for everyone across the business to use.  It means that we can all spot a hazard, report an incident and create an action in an instant capturing basic details, photos and locations and report it with minimal fuss.  It’ll really help us in minimising risk and encouraging a positive approach to dealing with Health & Safety.”

 The new Hazard Observation app will be available from both the app store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (android) . In the meantime the app is available to download by scanning the QR Code below on mobile devices. Whilst the original system of submitting details manually will still be available, the new app will now be the main way of capturing Hazard Observations.