The O’Keefe Group policy is to comply with all environmental legislative and regulatory requirements. It is also our responsibility, through management of clients and supply chain, to ensure the continual improvement of our environmental credentials.

Through the implementation of ISO 14001 and its principles, the O’Keefe Group demonstrates leadership and commitment from the top.

With a dedicated environmental manager on our team we are determined to drive up environmental standards in the construction industry. Our objectives include:

  • Reducing construction and demolition excavation waste
  • Promoting the use of recycled materials
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Ensuring products utilised in construction are responsibly sourced
  • Investing in beneficial technologies
  • Engineering for sustainability
  • Controlling and measuring our environmental impact
  • Demonstrating our commitment to sustainability to our clients

The recent major fines that have been handed out for pollution spills has been a game changer in the environmental sector. The regulators have shown they are keen to bring down the full force of the law on organisations that pollute the environment and the construction industry is in the front line as far as this is concerned.

To this end, we have engaged the services of OHES Environmental, the UK’s leading environmental risk reduction consultancy, to be our dedicated emergency response provider. In the unlikely event of a site suffering a fuel oil or chemical spill we are able to call on OHES 24/7 and they will immediately mobilise an incident response team to triage and clean up the spill. However, we want to ensure that we subscribe to the very best practice in the sector so we also asked OHES to train our own people in the management of a spill; they also deployed appropriate spill kits while conducting a full audit of some of our own sites to ensure we are fully compliant. OHES are available to support us if we encounter contaminated land, invasive vegetation and protected species on any of our sites. Our attention to detail in the increasingly important environmental sector is just another example of the O’Keefe Group leading the market.